Nested Chemical Library™ (NCL)

Our NCL is a “hit finding library” including most of the best-published kinase inhibitors and several proprietary structures. Our NCL contains more than 12,000 compounds, more than 110 core structures and more than 600 scaffolds with proven kinase inhibitory activity on various kinase targets. We have inhibitors against more than 160 kinases.

Allosteric Library

We have developed an allosteric kinase inhibitory and modulatory library based on published allosteric kinase inhibitors and allosteric modulatory compounds.

Drug development against Cancer Stem Cells with biomarkers

We offer a cutting-edge drug development project which can result in some ultimate weapons in the war against cancer.

You select the target; we deliver the patentable hit/lead compound

Our partner selects a kinase target; we set up the biochemical kinase assay, and in a year we deliver a novel patentable, submicromolar kinase inhibitory lead structure utilizing our NCL, Master Key and scaffold hopping techniques.